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Here's a few of my favourite images to show you a glimpse into my style. There's plenty more to see over on my socials. I work from a home photography studio in Leyland, just outside of Preston in Lancashire or on a location of your choice. I have a few sweet spots I love to use around Preston, Leyland and Chorley so if you are uninspired leave it to me.

I have a real love for kids I've worked with them for over 10 years, and favour capturing them exactly how they are. Whether that's cheeky, loving, funny, shy, adventurous, boisterous and sometimes strong willed (stay strong parents you have my sympathy). The best portraits come from capturing them naturally not forcing them to be something else.

Lets not forget our fury friends too, who doesn't love dogs. Dogs are awesome the end. I strive to capture photographs for my clients in every session that are beautiful and unique. I absolutely LOVE my job which I know not many people can say. I love knowing that I have played a small part in preserving and celebrating the special moments in people's lives its just one perk of being a photographer.

The best thing, my images are supplied digitally with full printing rights, so you can print and share as many times as you like without restrictions.

If you want to check out more of my work head over to my Instagram

Portraits inspired by you

You bring the personality and I will bring my creativity to whip up some awesome portraits for you to treasure. Whether it's my home studio in Leyland or on location somewhere in the beautiful Lancashire countryside. I believe the best images capture the true essence of you, your children or family. Got a wild child? let them run free I will run after them (probably not as fast though), a shy timid soul that's ok we can take time to get to know each other. We can talk about sticks, the moon or cheese butties. Or you might have a lover of posing or being in the limelight that's never an issue here either, Slay. Maybe you have ideas of your own or just want me to take lead, lets brain storm. Whatever the situation I can promise you will love your resulting images. Also watch out on social media for my Sunflower sessions. These are the bomb.

a girl in a white dress holding a bouquet of sunflowers
a girl in a white dress holding a bouquet of sunflowers

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